Volume 6

Anandam, Journal of Anundoram Borooah institute of Language, Art and Culture, Assam
Volume 6 (2016)

Editor: Dilip Kumar Kalita


    1. Works of Anundoram Borooah: An Apprisal
    • Ashok Kr. Goswami

    2. The Approach to the Ancient Geography of India (Some Aspects)
    • Dr. Biswanarayan Shastri

    3. Anundoram Borooah: A Literary Critic
    • Dr. Apurba Chandra Barthakuria

    4. Anundoram Borooah and His Lexicography
    • Satyendra Narayan Goswami

    5. Anundoram Borooah as a Linguist
    • Professor Satya Ranjan Banerjee

    6. Anundoram Borooah’s Commentary: Tradition and Innovation
    • Dr. Malinee Goswami

    7. Anundoram Borooah as a Kosaakara
    • Dr. Narendra Nath Sarma

    8. References to Manuscript – Writing in the Sanskrit Texts
    • Dr. Manjula Devi