The mission and vision of ABILAC is multifaceted. Keeping in mind the necessity of quality research work and academic activities in the context of Northeast India in the fields of Language, Art and Culture, clear and relevant set of objectives have been laid out at the time of its august inception. Since then, this institute has been striving towards realizing these objectives as its mission.


  • To work for the development of all indigenous languages, arts and cultures of Assam.
  • To promote and encourage Sanskrit studies at all appropriate levels in view of late Anundoram Borooah’s great contribution to Indology, with pioneering work in the field of Sanskrit studies.
  • To identify the needs of trained manpower, materials and methods to achieve the goals of development and promotion of all languages, arts and cultures of Assam.
  • To collect, preserve, document, compile and edit manuscripts and different kinds of data on languages, folklore, oral traditions, literature, art and other forms of cultural expressions of Assam and neighbouring areas.
  • To produce and publish different kinds of materials related to languages, arts, and culture necessary for implementing the programmes of the institute.
  • To establish academic contacts, exchanges and co-ordinate with other research organisations, institutions and universities in the state and outside the state at the national and international levels.
  • To advise the government on matters of policy regarding research projects and programmes related to languages, arts and cultures of Assam.