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Anundoram Borooah Institute of Language, Art & Culture, Assam (ABILAC)

Anundoram Borooah Institute of Language, Art & Culture, Assam (ABILAC) was established by the Govt. of Assam in 1989 as an autonomous Institute for working in the fields of Language, Art & culture. The Institute is recognized by both Dibrugarh University & Gauhati University as a Research Institute. The Headquarters of ABILAC is located at Rajaduar, North Guwahati facing the Brahmaputra. The Institute has four Departments namely-(1) Language & Linguistics, (2) Literature & Translation, (3) Folklore & Oral Traditions and (4) Culture, Art & Music and a Sanskrit Studies Cell.
The Institute has been working on a few major as well as minor Research Projects. It has taken keen interest in preparation of Dictionaries also. Pursuing its mission on working on the development of indigenous languages of Northeast India, the institute has taken up projects on producing dictionaries for some of the indigenous languages. Such an effort has resulted in the publishing of a Mising-Assamese-English and a Rabha-Assamese-English Dictionary’. It has also been working on a Comprehensive Dictionary of the Assamese Language. It has recently taken up the work of preparation of three more Dictionaries namely- Bodo-Assamese-English Dictionary, Karbi-Assamese-English Dictionary & Dimasa-Assamese-English Dictionary. The Institute has taken up work of writing history of Assamese-Literature in six volumes three of which have already been published. The Institute has till now published 45 books on various fields of its interest. One of the remarkable activity of the Institute is the Anunoram Borooah award given to a scholar of repute every year for the promotion and recognition of scholarship in the fields of Indological studies, literary and linguistic studies, Sanskrit studies and studies in art and culture. Established in the hallowed memory of the great scholar Anundoram Borooah, the Institute has been trying to establish high standard of scholarship in the region. The Institute is recognised as a Research Institute by Dibrugarh University and Gauhati University for Ph. D. level research work.

From Director’s Desk

Anundoram Borooah Institute of Language Art and Culture ( ABILAC)  is a premier autonomous  institution  that envisages through its vision and action, the strength of words and messages of the state of Assam. The muse that echoes through the layers of  language, strokes of art and the sparks  of culture of the  people of Assam has been showcased through arrays of events held here. Since its inception in 1989, this institute has been  playing  pioneering role in  invigorating  the indigenous treasures by ways of  preservation, protection as well as  percolation. The scholastic progression that happened in this institute till date has always sprung from the essence that the great  scholar , Anundoram Borooah,  the worthy son of our soil, showcased in his great works. This  institute  has been established with a view to translating the iconic  dreams  of various stalwarts and cultural ambassadors of  the state  many of whom had already  left for their heavenly abode. Hence, it is our duty as associates of the present generation to take this legacy forward with utmost determination and honest endeavour . Innovative ideas and focused concepts, collaborative efforts, advanced  techniques and technologies will definitely enhance this institution into  becoming   a centre of excellence in the national forum. Let us pray  and work for the vision to be a  success

                   “ यद् भद्रं तन्न आसुव “

Journal (UGC-CARE indexed)

Anandam, Journal of Anundoram Borooah Institute of Language, Art and Culture, Assam (ISSN: 2394-9023)

Anandam, Journal of Anundoram Borooah institute of Language, Art and Culture, Assam is the academic journal indexed in UGC-CARE list published by ABILAC yearly. Every year the journal focuses on various themes related to the broader category of Language, Art and Culture. This journal was first published in the year1992. Each volume of the journal is released on the 21st May of every year on the birth anniversary of AnundoramBorooah, the great Indologist, administrator and researcher. For more details about each of the volumes and Call for paper 2023


In pursuance of its aims and objectives four departments have been established in order to undertake indepth study and research on various spheres of Language , Art and culture of Assam. Specific goals have been set for each of these departments which are being carried out in the form of projects, surveys and publications since the inception of the institute.


In order to fulfil the ever increasing need of research and study of various aspects of language, art and culture forming the crux of the institute, ABILAC has been undertaking various projects at different point of time. Most of these projects are being conducted under relevant departments of the institute. Here is a brief overview of these projects.