List of projects being conducted (some are completed) by various departments of ABILAC

1. Research and publication of comprehensive dictionaries of various indigenous languages in Assam. Under this project ABILAC has already completed and published the following dictionaries

  • Research and publication of a trilingual dictionary (Rabha-Assamese-English) with an introduction to the Rabha language and grammar. (Completed)
  • Research and publication of a trilingual dictionary (Mising-Assamese-English) with an introduction to the Mising phonology and grammar. (Completed)

Besides, the institute is working on the preparation of the following dictionaries

  • Karbi – Karbi –  Assamese – English (Completed)
  • Tiwa – Tiwa – Assamese – English
  • Bodo – Bodo – Assamese – English (In Press)
  • Hmar – Hmar – Assamese – English
  • Nepali – Nepali – Assamese – English (In press)
  • Dimasa – Dimasa – Assamese – English
  • Bishnupriya Manipuri – Bishnupriya Manipuri – Assamese – English
  • Deori – Deori – Assamese – English

2. Research and publication of comprehensive grammars on various indigenous languages.

3. Editing and publication of old and rare books and manuscripts.

4. Preparation of language teaching materials for different indigenous languages.

5. Research and Publication of a Comprehensive history of Assamese literature of six volumes. Out of these, ABILAC has already published the first, second, third, fifth and the sixth volumes and has been working on the fourth volume.

5. Translation and publication of Classics of World Literature into Assamese and other indigenous languages.

6. Publications of translations of literature including children’s literature from tribal languages into Assamese and vice versa.

7. Publication of an anthology of Assamese Prose and poetry.

8. Collection and documentation of folklore materials including folktales of different ethnic groups of Assam.

9. Documentation and preservation of Music and Dances along with research and publication in these fields. Under this project the following phases have been completed so far.

  • Documentation and preservation of ‘Bargeet’ of Kamalabari Satra.
  • Documentation of Swaralipi / notations of Bargeet.

10. Research and documentation of the life and culture of the Tai Buddhist communities in Assam.

11. Survey of Sanskrit manuscripts in Assam.

12. Publication of Sanskrit Classics translated into Assamese.

13. Preparation and publication of monographs on language, art and culture of various peoples of Assam.