About the Library

The library of ABILAC was set up in the year 1990 with the aim of catering to the needs of academicians, researchers and scholars in various fields of study relating to the language, art and culture of this region. It provides a collection of books, journals, manuscripts relating to a wide array of fields of study.  

Library Collection

The library contains a total collection of approximately 10,500 books. In addition to this it also features 690 journals of various fields of study from various branches under humanities and social sciences. Among its collection, books relating to the fields of language and literature, Music, Religion, Philosophy and other related areas.

It has special stacks arranged under the following different headings.

  • Dictionary and Encyclopaedia
  • Publications of ABILAC
  • Assamese Literature and Language
  • Linguistics and Language
  • Books on Folklore
  • History and Geography
  • Fine Arts
  • Manuscripts
  • Religion and philosophy
  • Social sciences
  • Books in ethnic languages

Apart from these designated stacks the library also features stack comprising of books on various ethnic languages such as Bodo, Karbi, Dimasa, Deori, Rabha, Mising etc.

Publications of ABILAC

The library features a collection of the books and research publications of ABILAC. Many of these publications are the outcome of various projects undertaken by the institute. Details of these publications can be found in the publication section of this website.

Collection of books written by Anundoram Borooah

The library contains a section containing the valuable publications of the great indologist, and Sanskrit scholar Anundoram Borooah.

Donated books

The library is also enriched by the generous donation of books by Dwipen Kumar Bora, Krishna Chandra Barua, Bireswar Barua, Rohit Chandra Saikia, Dilip Mukherjee and Shaheen Mukherjee.


Again the collection is enriched with some rare and valuable manuscript collection. These manuscripts are preventive conservation work performed by Srimanta Sankardeva Kalashetra under National Mission for Manuscripts. The Manuscripts are:

  1. Guna-Mala of Sankardeva
  2. Dasakarma Paddhati of Sankardeva
  3. Homa Vidhi of Sankardeva
  4. Laksana of Sankardeva
  5. Vana Mantra of Sankardeva
  6. Manasa Kavya of Sankardeva
  7. Vija Mantra of Sankardeva

Special Dictionary Collection

As ABILAC has been striving towards producing research based dictionaries in the ethnic languages of Assam, the library contains a collection of these dictionaries. Apart from these there is a rich collection of dictionaries in the library.

Library Automation/Computerization

The library of ABILAC is fully computerized with E-Granthalaya Software. The library looks forward for digitization through D-Space digital library software. And also the library looks forward for future expansions and facilities.

Library working Hours

10 AM – 5 PM

Services available

 The Library provides following services:

  1. Reading Room Services
  2. Reference Service
  3. Reprographic/ photocopy Services