Volume 7

Anandam, Journal of Anundoram Borooah institute of Language, Art and Culture, Assam
Volume 7 (2017)

Editor: Dilip Kumar kalita


    1. Rabindranath Tagore and Indian Folkloristics
    • Birendranath Datta

    2. Origin and Development of the Tradition of Shaman and Shamanism as well as Shamanistic Dance
    • Nabin Chandra Sarma

    3. Telling and Retelling of Sacred Legends as Religious Edification: An Appraisal of Oral Life Stories in Sattra institutions of Assam
    • Pradip Jyoti Mahanta

    4. Storytelling in the Death Ceremony: A Study in Boraagaaon area of Sonitpur District of Asam
    • Anil Kumar Baro

    5. Eco-Friendliness and Popular Beliefs reflected through the Lifestyle, Arts and Crafts of Assam
    • Karuna Kanta Kakati

    6. The Growth and Development of Assamese Vernacular Architechture: Scrutiny o Racial Contributions
    • Nabajit Deka

    7. Folk healing Practices, Question of Social Cognition: Few Case Studies
    • Debajit sarma

    8. The Traditional kingship Institution of the Tiwas of Assam: Customs and Practice
    • Arup Bordoloi

    9. Socio-Cultural Aspects of the Sattriya Dance in Assamese Society
    •Geetima Bora

    10. Prospects of Folklore tourism and Preservation of Folklore-Cultural Heritage in Kamrup and Nalbari District
    • Satyajit Das

    11. The Scientific Foundation in the Cultural Practices of the Assamese Society
    • Anamika Mahanta

    12. Socio-religious Changes among the Rabhas with Special reference to Goalpara District
    • Haripriya Sarma