Title: A Pronouncing Multilingual Dictionary


Editor and Compiler: Dr. Arpana Konwar
Year of Publication: 2017
ISBN: ISBN: 978-93-82680-23-9


A Pronouncing Multilingual Dictionary of Assamese-English-Boro-Mising is compiled and eduted by Dr. Arpana Konwar, Professor, Department of Assamese, Dibrugarh university and published by ABILAC in the year 2017.Out of the total of 913 pages, the first 131 pages in the dictionary present important description about the preparation of the dictionary. This section also consists of a brief description on the history of dictionary production in Assam. It is followed by a list of transliteration symbols used in case of the Assamese, Boro and the Mising languages respectively which will help the users of the dictionary in following the entries. The next section presents a valuable linguistic description of all the three languages viz. Assamese, Boro and Mising which will help the users of the dictionary as well as anyone interested in linguistic study of these languages. After the initial 132 pages, start the actual dictionary numbered again from page 01 in Assamese. Every head word is followed by the representation of its utterance written in International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) and then its meaning in the Assamese, Boro and Mising languages respectively. The compiler and editor of the dictionary has expressed hope that this dictionary will be of great help for the users.


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