Studies on Garo and its Cognate Languages


Editor: Caroline R. Marak 
Year of Publication: 2018
ISBN: ISBN: 978-93-82680-35-2


This is a collection of research papers, edited by Dr. Caroline R. Marak and published by ABILAC. This book has been generated by the Department of Garo of Tura Campus under NEHU. It comprises of eight papers, seven of which are written by erudite scholars of Language and Linguistics of the region and one paper is written by the French scholar Francois Jacquesson. The elaborate introduction to the book given by Prof. Caroline R. Marak has provided a vivid background of the Garo and its Cognate languages. Contents of the book Introduction by Caroline R. Marak A Phonetic and Phonological Description of the A.Chik (Garo) Language by Angela R. Wa.tre Ingty Cases in A.Chik, Rabha, Bora, Wanang Koch and Atong by Caroline R. Marak Descriptive Analysis of Gara-Gan.Ching: A Variety of the A.Chik Language by Dokatchi Ch. Marak Adverbial Affixes in A.chikku by Caroline R. Marak Intelligibility of Indian English with Reference to Pronunciation: Problems and Prospects with special Focus on North-East India by Angela R. Watre Ingty Sense relations in A.we, the Standard Variety of Garo (A.Chikku) by Amanda Aski Macdonald Momin Classifiers in Boro by Swarna Prabha Chainary The Bodo-Garo Group of Languages by Francois Jacquesson


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