Mising Gompir Kumsung A Dictionary of the Mising Language


  • Editor: Tabu Ram Taid 
    Year of Publication: 2010 
    ISBN: 978-81-910016-0-0


Mising Gompir Kumsung A Dictionary of the Mising Language is the first trilingual dictionary with Mising as the source language and Mising,Assamese and English respectively as the target languages published by ABILAC. The dictionary has been edited by Tabu Ram Taid, formerly professor of English, Cotton College, Guwahati and Director, ABILAC. The scholarly and informative introduction at the outset is a valuable addition to this dictionary. The part I of the introduction covering 190 pages itself is an exploration into the linguistic features of the Mising language and grammar. It deliberates on some of the important aspects of the Mising language viz. Brief note on the speakers, Linguistic kinship, Dialects of Mising, Written tradition in Mising and the present status of the language. Following these, a more detailed section on Some basic features of the Mising Language provides the linguists in particular as well as general users with an useful description of the linguistic and grammatical features of the language. The Part II of the introduction provides the users with a practical guide to the use of the dictionary. Each of the entry has been recorded following the Mising orthographic conventions in Roman script followed by citing of the grammatical category of the headword. It is followed by an explanation of the meaning of the word in Mising, Assamese and English language respectively. Apart from the general entries, this dictionary also features two sections as Appendix I and II on Some Idiomatic Expressions in Mising and A Note on Adi-Mising Creation Myth respectively


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