• Translator: Mr. Hangmiji Hanseh 
    Year of Publication: 2021 
    ISBN: 978-93-82680-54-3

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Gitanjalee is the first ever Karbi translation of Rabindranath Tagore’s Geetanjalee from Bengali to Karbi done by Er. Hangmiji Hanse and published by ABILAC in the year 2021. Rabindranath Tagore himself translated the poems from Geetanjalee from Bengali to English and was published in 1912. After being awarded with the Nobel prize for literature in 1913, Geetanjalee has been translated to different international as well as Indian languages. It has been translated into Dutch, French, Polish, Romanian, Italian, German, Hungarian etc. It has also been translated into most Indian languages including some tribal languages such as Santhali, Lepcha, khasi etc. Er. Hangmiji Hanse’s translation of this famous book into the Karbi language which is one of the major indigenous tribal languages of Northeast region, will add to this collection. This book consists of 106 verses from the original Geetanjalee along with a preface written by the translator himself in the Karbi language. This book consists of 132 pages.


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