Festivals of Assam


Author: Prafulladatta Goswami
Year of Publication: 1995
ISBN: 978-93-82680-05-5


This book is a veritable source of reliable material on various festivals observed in Assam. This book is authored by Dr. Praphulladatta Goswami. The book consists of a total of 23 chapters apart from the Postscript, Bibliography and Appendix. Each of these chapters provide descriptions on various festivals which are observed in Assam. The chapters are as follows: 1. Introduction 2. The Pan-Indian Festivals 3. Siva in Assam and Sivaratri 4. Bohag Bihu 5. Magh Bihu or Maghar Domahi 6. Bhatheli and Deul 7. Bas Puja or Madan-Kam Puja 8. Oja-Pali: 9. Bhaona 10. Pasati or Paseti 11. Matheni of Devananda Satra 12. Springtime Festivals of Tribes 13. Tiwa Jon-bil Mela 14. Magh Sainjra of Dimasas 15. Kherai Puja 16. Chomangkan of the Karbis 17. Moho-ho 18. Tea Garden Festivals: Tusu Puja 19. Commemorative Festivals: Sankaradeva and Teg Bahadur 20. Me-Dam-Me-Fie 21. A Muslim Festival: Idd 22. The Urs of Ghiyasuddin Auliya 23. Nouka-Tana or Boat Pulling Ceremony of the Barak Valley


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