An Introduction to Mising Phonology and Grammar


Editor: Tabu Ram Taid
Year of Publication: 2016
ISBN: 978-93-82-680-19-2


This is a book on the grammar and phonology of Mising language written by Professor Tabu Ram Taid. The original version of this book was included in the introduction to Mising Gompir Kumsung a lexicographical work on the Mising language compiled and edited by Prof. Taid. This book comprising of 363 pages presents a comprehensive study of the grammar and phonology of the Mising language. The Chapters in the book are divided into four parts namely 1) The Misings and their Speech; 2) Phonology; 3) Morphology; 4) Syntax. It also presents an appendix with Derivational Verbal suffixes in the language.


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