Africa Mahadeshar Samasyamulak Lokakatha


Translator: Dr. Nabin Ch. Sarma
Year of Publication: 2021
ISBN: 978-93-82680-52-9
Price: 200


This is a collection of some African dilemma tales translated into Assamese by Prof. Nabin Chandra Sharma. William R Bascom published a collection of stories titled ‘African Dilemma Tales’ which marked the start of new genre of stories called ‘Dilemma Tales’ Prof. Sharma has painstakingly translated these tales from the above-mentioned collection of Bascom to Assamese language. Along with these, the rest of the tales have been taken from five different sources. This book comprising of 160 pages contains 47 stories along with their sub sections. It starts with an introduction into concept of Dilemma Tales and a short literature survey on this genre.


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