A Handbook of Folklore Material of North-East India


Editor: Birendranath Datta/ Nabin Chandra Sarma / Prabin Chandra Das
Year of Publication: 1994
ISBN: 978-93-82680-13-0


This book is marked as the first publication of ABILAC to the field of Folklore and Oral tradition. It is edited and authored by Birendranath Datta along with Nabin Chandra Sarma and Prabin Chandra Das as the co-authors, comprises of two parts. The first part is divided into five sections viz. Introductory, Verbal Folklore, Beliefs and Customs, Ceremonies and Festivals, The Arts. Part two contains specimens of oral narratives, songs, chants, Proverbs and Riddles etc. The book also contains an Appendices and Illustrations.


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