A Catalogue of Manuscripts in Assam


Editor: Malinee Goswami
Year of Publication: 2012
ISBN: 978-81-910016-8-6


This is a catalogue of manuscripts scattered in different parts of Assam, compiled and edited by Dr. Malinee Goswami, Professor of Assamese, Gauhati University. This is the outcome of a project taken up by ABILAC on survey of manuscripts of Assam. This catalogue comprising of 432 pages have 1154 titles of manuscripts scattered in different places of Assam catalogued. Information on each of the entries have been recorded under 18 columns. These are 1) Serial No and Subjects; 2) Title of the Manuscript; 3) Name of the author of the work; 4) Material; 5) Complete or Incomplete; 6) The Language; 7) Decorated or Undecorated; 8) Script; 9) If Assamese, Bamuniya, Gadgayan Kaitheli or mixed; 10) Concluding lines and colophon of the book; 11) Name and date of the Copist if any; 12) Measrurement of the Manuscripts in centimeter; 13) Number of Folios/pages; 14) No of lines per page; 15) Content; 16) Condition; 17) Name and full address of the owner; 18) Any other information


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