Book Summary

  • Editor: Dr. Malinee Goswami
  • Year of Publication: 1993
  • ISBN:
  • Price: 75

SASTHIKADASAS CITTAMODAKAVYA is a Sanskrit manuscript which has been published for the first time edited by Dr. Malinee Goswami. This book presents the text of CITT?MODAK?VYA preceded by an Introduction and followed by a critical commentary on the text. The introduction presents an overview about both the hitherto unknown poet and the poem in different sections viz.. The poet, Date of the poet, The title of the work, The theme, Source of CITT?MODA, Message of the poet, etc. This is followed by the text in Sanskrit along with translation in English. Finally in the Critical Commentary the editor deals with the verses of CITT?MODAK?VYA individually.