The Rabhas

Book Summary

  • Editor: Rajen Rabha
  • Year of Publication: 2002
  • ISBN:
  • Price: 300

The Rabhas is a monograph on the Rabha community written by Sri Rajen Rabha. This book presents a valuable repository of ethnographic detail about the great Rabha community. This book is the result of a massive and fairly exhaustive ethnographic survey on the part of the author who is regarded almost as a custodian of the traditions of the Rabhas. The book comprises seven chapters which deliberate on the several important aspects including life, tradition, economy and language of the Rabha community. The book also includes a few pages of black and white photographs showcasing various events, traditional festivals, costumes, textile and handloom products etc. This is followed by some illustrations of the traditional musical instruments, household implements, Rabha textiles, ornaments and floral designs woven in the dresses of Rabha ladies.