Aspects of North East Indian Languages

Book Summary

  • Editor: Dr. Pramod Chandra Bhattachrya
  • Year of Publication: 2003
  • ISBN:
  • Price: 200

Aspects of North East Indian Languages is a compilation of twenty four essays and research papers, written by renowned linguist Dr. Pramod Ch. Bhattacharya, on language and linguistic features of North East India with special reference to Assam. This compilation presents interesting and insightful discussion on various linguistic aspects of a number of different languages including Boro, Garo, Assamese, Bengali, Meitei, Bhojpuri etc. The various topics included (among others) in this compilation ranges from English loan words in Assamese to the Sino Tibetan impact on Indo-Aryan Languages, Contrastive phonological study of Assamese and Bengali languages, Lexico-Statistic dating of Boro Garo Linguistic Separation etc.