Prachyvidyavarna Krishna Kanta Handiqui

Book Summary

  • Editor: Ahalya Gogoi
  • Year of Publication: 2003
  • ISBN:
  • Price: 200

This is a biography of the great scholar Krishna Kanta Handiqui penned down by his daughter Ahalya Gogoi in 10 chapters and a few essays written by Krishna Kanta Handiqui himself. These chapters deal with various aspects of the life of Krishna Kanta Handiqui from his childhood to his death including his contributions to the field of Sanskrit studies. The essays by Handiqui are German Academic Ideals, Religion and the Language of the People, Classical Sankrit as a Vehicle of Indian Culture, Foreword : Chitra Bhagawat and The Reviews on Current Literature in all Branches of Indology. It also includes the full text of the Presidential Address delivered by Krishna Kanta Handiqui on the occasion of the 17th annual conference of Asom Sahitya Sabha held at Guwahati in 1937